Party Wall Surveyors

Party Wall and Neighbourly Matters Specialists

Halsteads has a long and trusted reputation in Party Wall and Neighbourly matters. We take a proactive, solution focussed and friendly approach to each project. Every project is unique and we approach each project on that basis, applying years of expertise and experience. Our philosophy is to keep matters simple wherever possible and to promote and maintain amicable relations between neighbours.

If Party Wall and Neighbourly Matters are considered as part of the whole life of a project, from inception to completion, we can offer pragmatic, expert advise to the design team to identify where issues exist, assist in designing them out, if possible, or resolve them avoiding costly delays, whatever the size of the project.

The Party Wall etc Act 1996 is an “enabling” Act, allowing one party to carry out works to their property, which may affect a neighbour’s property, whilst protecting the neighbour’s property and rights. Broadly speaking the works involved are raising or lowering or exposing a shared wall, cutting into or away from a shared or a neighbour’s wall and excavations within 3m and/or 6m. The Act applies throughout England and Wales, from large mixed-use residential and commercial developments to residential extensions.

Our service is headed by Keeley Matthews BSc (Hons) MRICS, a Chartered Building Surveyor with over 20 years experience in the field acting for Building Owners and Adjoining Owners or as Agreed Surveyor. Our expert team, under her guidance, will take you seamlessly through the complicated area of Party Wall and Neighbourly Matters.


Large commercial mixed-use developments, sports stadia, single and multi-level residential basements, vertical extensions and small residential extensions.

Early identification of issues and site constraints, identification of budget costs in connection, avoidance of unexpected delays on site.

Submission of necessary legal documentation

Developer, Neighbour, Scaffold. Crane and Hoarding.

Precautionary schedules outside of statutory applications to avoid spurious claims of damage.

Queens Drive, Finsbury Park

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